287 S Tampa Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32805

It is wise to allow for excess time before the event for your travel and parking. Orlando traffic is known to get busier around Tinker Field in during larger events. 

Tinker Field is located at 287 S Tampa Ave, Orlando, FL 32805. If you are arriving by the road, then your favorite map making software or GPS should get you to the venue on time. Gates typically open an hour before the event, so there’s plenty of time to arrive, find parking, and get to your seat so you don’t mind the action.

Many nearby hotels offer shuttle services during event days, especially for the larger carnivals and festivals. Please contact your hotel of choice to see if it offers shuttle services for your ticketed event.

Otherwise, you can go to onsite parking that includes dedicated ADA Parking available at The Speedway. You will need a verified handicap placard, permit, or license plate to enter this parking lot. The person to whom the handicap credential is issued must be present in the vehicle, as a driver or passenger.

Note: It is against the law to park in an accessible parking space without the required ADA credentials or to fraudulently use someone else’s credentials to gain access to ADA parking spots.